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What to Consider Before Choosing a Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics have become quite popular over the course of time owing to their convenience and their ability to provide services that are of the same or even higher quality compared to the services provided by traditional mechanics. However, not all mobile mechanics that you will come across are out to provide high quality work and if you do not conduct adequate due diligence when getting a mobile mechanic, you could be in for a lot of disappointment. That is why we are here to guide you through this very key step that goes a long way in protecting you and your vehicle.


You need to start somewhere and the best way to embark on your search is by getting a list of all the mobile mechanics in your locality. Asking your friends, neighbours and family for contacts of mobile mechanics is a good way to start. However, these sources may not yield enough information to go by as you could end up with only five names in your list. Since you are just beginning your search, get more names by going online and conducting research on mobile mechanics in your area (Gold Coast) With the technology nowadays, almost every business has an online presence and those that do not are likely to have been mentioned someplace in the internet with or without their knowledge.


Relying on a mobile mechanic known for their expertise is a good idea. But what happens if you do not know of one? This is where research comes in where you will be required to delve into the matters of the mechanics on your list. Go back to your sources and find out just how long the mechanic has been in operation. Since the mechanic is an individual, the years of experience of the mechanic translate to the years of experience of the business entity. As is the case with wine, the more years of operation the better the quality of services you stand to gain.

Having a lot of experience allows a mechanic to be in a position to diagnose a problem quite easily. They are also able to fix problems with much less manoeuvres as compared to mechanics who are still finding their footing in the industry.


It is quite possible for a mechanic to have decades of experience in the repair of cars and yet the mechanic lacks the necessary qualifications to repair cars and you could end up handing over your car to such a mechanic. Chances are that the mechanic could be fixing the problem partly, thus delaying the inevitable and by the time the problem completely manifests itself, it is too late and the owner of the vehicle ends up paying a whole lot more than what they would have paid had the first assessment been done right.

To protect yourself from hiring an unqualified mechanic, ask to see the necessary certifications of the mechanics that you are considering to hire. Cross out any mechanics unwilling to show their certifications as well as those who do not possess said certifications. Your car is far much too important to be left in the hands of a person who wants to play trial and error with it.


A great way to get to know the kind of mechanic that you are hiring is by reading reviews about them online as well as on social platforms. Though some of the reviews may be untrue, going through the reviews will give you a general idea of what the mechanic offers to people as well as if the mechanic has been able to achieve customer satisfaction.


Communication is a key part in the fixing of problems. The truth is that most problems in our lives would not exist if people took it upon themselves to engage in open communication and this is the same case with cars. A mechanic who openly communicates about the repairs that need to be done paves way for open negotiation on the amount of money to be paid and this also allows you to know what the problem is. Many mechanics out there do not wish to divulge information on the condition of the car and instead, they will hand you a bill after the repairs have been done, leaving you with no idea as to whether you have been over charged for a simple repair. Get to know what your mechanics feel about open communication and cross out any mechanics who seem to be uncomfortable with such an arrangement.


Look for mechanics willing to guarantee the work that they do in a way that if they fix something and it does not respond to the work done, they will be willing to fix that part again. Mechanics who offer guarantees believe in their quality of work and as such, you can trust them with your vehicle. Nobody would offer a guarantee knowing that the services that they are offering are bound to have negative effects on your vehicle.

Tools used

The bright side to hiring a mobile mechanic over a traditional mechanic is that the former comes with the added advantage of being time saving. The savings on time can be enhanced greatly if the mechanic uses tools that are up to date which enable the mechanic to diagnose problems faster and to fix them just as fast. You can cross off mechanics that use outdated methods as they will not provide much convenience.

Parts used

Some mechanics may be tempted to use parts that are not genuine in the repair of your vehicle in a bid to save on costs. Be wary of such mechanics and cross them off your list immediately as they could easily damage your vehicle.


One of the most appealing factors about mobile mechanics is that their services are easy on the pocket. If a mechanic charges a lot of money and yet they will offer similar services as those who are cheaper and yet equally qualified, cross them off your list. Unless a mechanic is willing to offer a service that you must have and are willing to pay more for, go for a mechanic with reasonable prices at flexible schedules.

Given how busy our lives are in this century, it would not hurt to have a little convenience to add on to our productivity and getting the right mobile mechanic is the first step towards that goal.

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